Were You Recently Prescribed Opioids?

prescription medicationOpioid painkillers can be powerful and dangerously addictive. So, if you receive a prescription, it's very important to thoroughly discuss any questions or concerns with your doctor, follow his or her instructions closely, and review the label on the prescription bottle.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released important guidance for patients who've received opioid prescriptions. Go to their site to learn about the risks, what you should expect, ways you can prevent misuse, and alternative treatment options and more.


Watch: Real Life Stories About Prescription Opioid Addiction

Opioid addiction has reached a crisis level in communities across the nation. 

Watch a few of their stories below, and see more on CDC's RX Awareness campaign website.

Teresa - CDC Prescription Awareness
Brenda shares her experiences with addiction to prescription opioids and the toll pain medication took on her life. Watch.|

Brenda - CDC Prescription Awareness
Teresa lost her brother RJ at age 32 to a prescription opioid overdose. He convinced people to “believe he knew exactly what he was taking.” Watch.
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